Monomoy Fishing Report | August 18, 2016

What is typically an area that produces robust topwater action has been a much tougher go for folks who prefer to cast soft plastics, flies, and topwater plugs. I happened upon what I believe was one of the best topwater bites about a week ago on pencil poppers, but apparently I was just lucky as a push of bigger bass combined with squid to produce great action.

Since then, the rips have reverted back to their normal pulse this season: occasional, short bursts of fish in the early morning, followed by long periods of nothing. Bearses seems to be an area that is getting a great deal of attention from boats, but that makes it especially tough when folks troll through the rips or even run through where the fish are to start another drift. Remember that these fish are often sitting on the edge of very shallow water and noise and prop wash really puts them down.

Staying off the rip and employing longer casts will sometimes pay off and if you pay attention and target an area that is holding fish away from all the other boats, your chances of success will increase. It might not seem important, but going with longer, lighter fluorocarbon leaders can also make a difference, particularly on bright, sunny days.

There are still good numbers of bluefish around, from Point Rip out to Handkerchief, with the latter also producing some nice fluke for folks employing sand eels. I’m not much of a fluke angler, but making up a rig with a bucktail jig for weight and a dropper loop above attached to a bait hook, and then putting either a Gulp! Alive Swimming Mullet or Shrimp might be worth a shot since this combination is a killer in other areas such as Long Island Sound.