Monomoy Fishing Report – August 17, 2017

Michael Beebe and I visited the east side of South Monomoy despite the fact that it was a “commercial” bass day and overall things were pretty civilized. As the dropping tide began to slack around Bearses, we saw sea robins fluttering on the surface before they were batted into the air and eventually disappeared into the big “toilet flush” left by a hungry bass of substantial size.
As the tide continued towards slack water, bass began to harass what looked like pogies that did their very best to escape through the air, but to no avail. We managed at least one fish on a bubblegum soft plastic rigged on a jighead and had a number of big fish show interest in the large red/yellow pencil popper we threw.

Overall, we saw fish caught in many, many ways, including by folks trolling the tube-and-worm as well as pogies, which some anglers were dropping straight down when they marked fish. Other boats were jigging wire, but very slowly and with none of the aggressive snap that is typically associated with this form of fishing. Some boats combined trolling with tossing big plugs such as the Doc, the big musky stickbait that has been used by those in the know for years before becoming the “in” lure this season.

There were clearly gatherings of boats farther up towards the Southway and Chatham Inlet, as well as out east around Pollock Rip, but we elected not to join these small fleets and poked around as the tide turned and the rips began to set up, bringing some schools of bass up to the surface for brief feeding flurries.

On the last leg of our trip, I elected to drift in tight along the shoreline from Monomoy Point Light to spots that the incoming tide carried us. It was a good decision as there were small schools of big bass blowing up everywhere we looked; all it took was a good cast with a jighead/bubblegum plastic or sand eel fly into the commotion to hook up. Once again, a variety of methods produced fish for the boats working the area.

Bob Lewis and Charlie Richmond visited Monomoy on Wednesday and did very well trolling squid flies in the rips, starting with a number of those 26 to 32-inch bass from the 2011-year class. They also had a few encounters with bluefish, but their best action was along the shoreline casting R.M. Smith Jackhammer plugs. There were packs of big bass following the plugs, with Bob’s top fish a 24-pounder while Charlie managed a 21-pound bass as his largest catch.

The amount of bait in this area is incredible, to the point where a group of whales were feeding in the far reaches of Bearses on Monday as boaters were casting and trolling.

Both on the way out around the Point and again on the way in just off the Common Flats, there were some good schools of bluefish working on small bait and there is apparently no lack of bass on the flats both on the west side and between North and South Monomoy. Some folks are also doing well fishing the flats that surround the channel leading to the new cut through North Beach into Chatham Inlet, essentially eliminating the Bathtub from the fishing scene in the area.