Martha’s Vineyard Fishing Report – September 29, 2016

The reality is that fishing is just plain tough around the island and, correspondingly, in the Derby. Steve Morris said that folks are still out fishing, but the wind and lack of fish has more than a few anglers pretty discouraged, especially when it comes to bass. As Steve explained, “I tell people that we just don’t have many large, resident bass around. What we can hope for is some of those transient fish that are moving to come here and produce some activity.” There are good numbers of small bass, Steve went on to say, which is good for the future, but about seven or eight years ago, the body of larger island bass was really hammered by commercial, charter, and recreational anglers and it hasn’t recovered; ultimately, Steve believes that “it will probably be five years, or more likely ten, before we see big fish consistently, and that assumes that we take care of the smaller bass.”

There were what Steve calls “micro-albies” in Edgartown this morning, the four to five-pound ones, and earlier this week and his son and his buddies went over to Woods Hole and managed 16 of those same sized fish using 7/8-ounce electric chicken and pink Hogy Epoxy Jigs.

So far this week, seven shore caught bluefish between three and 4+-pounds have been weighed in, but there have also been four between 10 and 14+, so it’s pretty obvious that it has been feast-or-famine when it comes to choppers for the sand-and-rock people.

The Hooter was still holding some bonito and bluefish, with a new leader in the boat bonito category weighed in on Monday. In the meantime, the bonito shore category still has only one entry.