Martha’s Vineyard Fishing Report – September 21, 2017

Doug Asselin at Dick’s Bait & Tackle in Edgartown reported that other than some hardcore anglers fishing bait, most likely up inside the salt ponds on the island, fishing has slowed to a crawl around the island.

Any attempts to fish the southside have been futile as there is a 12-foot swell there and the weed in the water will overwhelm any attempts to hold bottom or keep bait clear of any gunk.

In addition, any attempts to fish the northside, including spots with rocky structure that are known to hold bass, and around Gay Head are particularly dangerous in these kind of conditions. Nothing less than Korkers or cleated boots are required to deal with slimy, weed covered rocks, as well as a waterproof top pulled down and cinched tight around your waist. There are many waterproof tops that feature gaskets made of rubber or other material around the wrists, neck, and waist to keep water out. Obviously, this type of fishing isn’t for inexperienced anglers or those without the proper equipment.

Only four fish were weighed in the Derby on Wednesday and eight on Tuesday, all of them shore fish. Meanwhile, anglers entered in this annual event are hoping the albies and bonito fishing will be as good it was on Monday, including a 10.26-pound boat bonito for Lori Graham that proved to be just shy of the lead, while a shore flyrodder, David Nash, on Tuesday caught a fine 11.17-pound false albacore.