Martha’s Vineyard Fishing Report – October 6, 2016

Doug Asselin said that prior to the last three days, boat fishing on the island had been almost a complete wipe out, with only a few fish weighed in each day in the Derby. There have been very few bonito around, with the schools of albies generally small and made up of very picky fish, most of which are on the small side. Edgartown had a few albies around this week, but overall most folks who are looking for funny fish have been fishing the sounds.

Of course, the big news yesterday was a new leader in the shore bass category, which also proved to be the largest striper caught so far in any category. Junior angler Westley Wlodyka’s fish weighed 36.42-pounds and with just over a week to go in the tournament, it could prove to be tough to beat. As Doug explained, “There really is no pattern or way of figuring out where the odds are better that you will catch a big bass. Anybody could catch one any place on the island.” During the blow last week, Doug believes many folks were bait fishing, with only a few diehards committed to throwing plugs, with the water really dirty.

The one consistent species in the Derby this year has been bluefish, with numerous fish in the teens weighed in. Doug himself caught a 9.98-pound blue that was leading the shore category today as of publication time and boaters checked in some impressive choppers on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, as did some shore anglers, with a few of those three to four-pound fish also checked in.