Martha’s Vineyard Fishing Report – October 11, 2018

There are plenty of fish around the island, reported Doug Asselin at Dick’s Bait and Tackle in Oak Bluffs, but there is also an incredible amount of small bait, which has made for some difficult fishing.

Unlike years when the bait is concentrated in certain areas, thereby giving anglers seeking albies and bonito a head’s up about where they can be found, this year the funny fish have been all over the place, with no rhyme or reason for where they will show from day-to-day. Some nice double-digit albies were weighed in from boat and shore yesterday, along with a 10.76-pound boat bonito, so there is still the chance that the leaderboard will change between now and the end of the Derby at 10 PM this Saturday, October 13.

Unfortunately, tomorrow looks like a lay day for boaters, but shore anglers will still be at it, as they were today, with all of the fish this morning, which were bass and bluefish, entered into the shore categories.

Saturday, however, looks great right now, so there will be plenty of folks on the jetties and shorelines where albies and bonito are known to frequent; as Doug pointed out, there seem to be more people fishing the few really productive shore spots, but on a positive note, there have been 65 shore bones entered, which probably equals the totals of the last three Derbies combined. There have also been 173 shore albies entered, a good number more than the 146 boat total.

This week saw a new leader in the shore bass category at 37.69-pounds, with a 30.09-pound boat bass taking over second place in that division, but so far there has not been a single 40-pound or larger striper entered. Doug said there are small bass and bluefish everywhere, with most folks looking for that one single big fish from either boat or shore, with any thought of a big fish blitz the farthest from anyone’s mind.