Martha’s Vineyard Fishing Report – May 18, 2017

Shore anglers are enjoying a variety of action according to Doug Asselin at Dick’s Bait & Tackle in Edgartown; he has been fishing around the drawbridge in Vineyard Haven and has caught a number of smaller bass, as well as a couple of just legal ones. There have been some bluefish caught off State Beach, as well as up inside Sengekontacket, where there are some bass as well. Down Menemsha way, some bluefish have been caught around Lobsterville and Dogfish Bar; it’s nothing hot-and-heavy nor particularly consistent, but the next couple of weeks should see more choppers moving into island waters.

They had opened Edgartown Great Pond and anglers on both sides of the opening had managed to catch schoolies and a few bass in the 30-inch class, mainly on plugs and plastics. The Daiwa SP Minnow has really caught on as an island favorite.

A few boaters have been out to get the rust off and a couple reported catching small bass at Middle Ground on plastics, but as is the norm for this rip, when they went back, it was empty.

Jim Young said that a charterboat captain out of Falmouth told him that he spoke to someone on the island who said that the weakfish action in Edgartown was really good, kind of reminiscent of the old days. On the other hand, Doug told me he saw a picture of a squeteague and heard of a couple of others, but he had no word of a really hot bite on a species that once was so prevalent on the island that it was substituted for bass when stripers were removed from the Derby during the moratorium.

Larry's Tackle Shop reports shore-side blues this week.
Larry’s Tackle Shop reports shore-side blues this week.