Martha’s Vineyard Fishing Report – June 8, 2017

Doug Asselin was super upbeat about the fishing on the Vineyard, commenting that he has seen a lot of smiles from anglers, including father-son teams, that have caught their best bass yet in the last couple of weeks. As he emphasized, Doug couldn’t tell you where they were and it didn’t make much difference to him as long as they were happy.

On the other hand, Doug did admit that the fishing in many spots has been inconsistent for boaters; one day Middle Ground has been hot, but the next it could be almost devoid of life. Ken Shwartz fished there this morning and told me that everyone has kind of just moving around, hoping to find something. Other than a couple of pops from fish, all he and his crew caught were some bluefish.

It’s been the same at Wasque and Tom Shoal, although the rips do seem to be holding more fish; there have been some great tides for flyrodders with large numbers of 24 to 28-inch bass, with enough 30+-inchers to make things interesting. Through in some decent sized blues and it’s been all good.

Doug heard from one lobsterman who ran into a really nice blitz of bass off East Chop this week, but he had to get to work and could only cast a glance their way.

Shore anglers have been tossing bucktail jigs and Savage Sand Eels with good results on bass around Chappy, Wasque, and area around what was the Katama cut. The bass haven’t been huge, but again, there is enough of a chance that something substantial will get your attention.

The winds out of the northwest have messed up the northside, dirtying the water and driving the bait elsewhere. There are schoolies up inside Menemsha, just as there are in the ponds on the other side of the island like Lagoon, Sengekontacket, and Poge, but a nice stretch of weather would help in getting things into more of a June pattern.