Martha’s Vineyard Fishing Report – June 16, 2016

The word is out that Middle Ground is good, very good, and it should be a very interesting place to fish this weekend. Patience is the key word as you have folks casting from both sides of the rip, some of them electing to anchor up and hold a spot, not that deters anyone from zipping right in front of them. A while back I was taken to task by a Vineyard guide about the practice of anchoring up, and while I agree with him that it’s OK if someone is at a spot before anyone else, but waiting and watching to see someone else hook up and then race in and toss out the hook when the other boat drifts through the rip to land their fish is bad form in every way. There are boats trolling in the rip, dragging everything from Bombers to poppers, and the place is quite a sight.

Fortunately, there are also fish in the numerous shoals and rips that dot Vineyard Sound, although they don’t necessarily have the visual fireworks that Middle Ground does. Working a bit deeper with weighted soft plastics or heavy Half-and-Half’s, as well as trolling jigs, can give you a good idea of whether anyone is home or not, at which point you can stem the tide and work an area more thoroughly.

Most of the bass being caught from shore are still in the small schoolie range; there are some big bass being caught from shore, but that has been around the rocks on the north shore down to Gay Head and then off towards Squibnocket. Darters and needlefish, along with eels, are favored by anglers who work the night, but pencil poppers and other topwater plugs are effective when a rising tide coincides with a bit of wind to create white water around Squibbie and Gay Head.