Martha’s Vineyard Fishing Report – June 14, 2018

As mentioned in other sections, Wasque is electric; I spoke to Capt. Matt Reinemo from Nantucket and he made the run over to the rips because the fishing has been fantastic.

Some folks I know who have membership rights to the sand beach at Squibnocket have been picking up bass in the evening; oddly enough, they told me for years that a pencil popper was their top-producing lure, but other than a few half-hearted swirls, the fish aren’t committing. Instead, they have found a 1.5-ounce blue Creek Chub popper to be more effective.

The ponds continue to be filled with small bass, with anglers fishing well into the night occasionally coaxing something larger on plugs.

The northside from Lambert’s Cove to Gay Head has produced consistent action on bass up to 30-inches for boat anglers using fly rods and plugs in and around the rocky points and coves.

I can’t imagine that any Vineyard boat angler wants to see the rush in the morning as boats tear across the sound from the Cape, creating plenty of jostling for position and occasionally frayed tempers. Hogy’s have been their usual productive self in the colors that are most productive when fish are chasing squid, including bone, bubblegum, and amber. I personally have found the 10-inch Original more effective than the 7-inch and at times have had better luck letting them drift well back into the third or fourth wave of the rip face.

Tons of weed on the west or dropping tide, but flyrodders who have managed to keep their squid patterns clean have often been outfishing spin anglers by working their flies on the swing. Capt. Bucky Burroughs gave me a topwater squid pattern that is based on the Gartside Gurgler; I can see a big fish inhaling it right now.

Sea bass still good on the wrecks and the northside of the island, but fluke has been best between Gay Head and Noman’s in deep water, with few fish having moved into the sound.