Martha’s Vineyard Fishing Report – June 1, 2018

Capt. Mike Hogan covered a number of boat spots around the island in his video report this week, including Wasque, Squibnocket, Gay Head, and Middle Ground, so check it out for some great information and visuals.


Doug Asselin from Dick’s Bait & Tackle in Edgartown went over to Middle Ground and the north shore to fish live scup in some of the rock piles he knows, and they marked plenty of fish, but most were in the 28 to 30-inch range and only managed to keep bumping the bait around without really taking it.

Another interesting note that Doug offered is with all of the scup, sea bass, and bass around, the squid aren’t really holding in one place, but moving to avoid getting eaten.

The shore folks are having a blast with all of the striper in the 24 to low 30-inch class, from the harbors to the bridges to the ponds. Once again, Doug offered some insight into island fishing when he emphasized that what are popular lures is based very much on where you are fishing. If you are around the ponds and bridges, then small bucktails and weighted soft plastics are popular, while in areas where there is rocky structure needlefish, small pencil poppers, and surface swimming plugs are favored.
The bluefish have finally moved in, with a good bite at Chappy yesterday and on Wednesday; most of the fish were in the six-pound range, although some anglers reported seeing some in the 12-pound category on the beach.

And, as a bonus, the island is covered in hickory shad; Doug was down Oak Bluffs way earlier this week, enjoying drinks with friends, when the waters just erupted with shad. He had a rig in his vehicle with a small soft plastic, which wouldn’t be the first choice when fishing for hickories, but they were all over it. Other folks joined in on the action and a blast was had by all.

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