Martha’s Vineyard Fishing Report – July 7, 2017

The word from Steve Morris at Dick’s Bait & Tackle is that fishing for bass in the rips is mainly a pick right now; Middle Ground is still holding some stripers, as are Wasque and Squibnocket. Most of these fish are 24 to 28-inches, with the occasional 30-inch bass mixed in. An assortment of soft plastics and topwater plugs are being used, with pink and white top colors followed by amber when the squid are around, but Steve emphasized that jigging wire is the top producer since the advent of summer and bright skies often results in the bass hanging on the bottom.

Shore fishing has been tough; some of the hardcores continue to pick at fish around the Gay Head and the rocks along the north shore using needlefish and darters, especially Super Strike plugs since they are plastic and can handle being bounced off boulders and the like without cracking or splitting.

Chappy and Wasque are closed for the most part due to nesting birds, making beach fishing a tough go thereabouts. These areas are known for their bluefishing and since there has been an overall lack of choppers this year, this might not be as much of a disappointment as it would be if folks knew that they were in thick.

With the water in the ponds and harbors starting to warm rapidly, the schoolies are becoming less active; going small is the key and concentrating on low light conditions is important as well.

Fluke fishing is mainly an exercise in culling through plenty of shorts for even a single legal fish, while there are so many black sea bass around that Steve called them “a nuisance.”