Martha’s Vineyard Fishing Report – July 28, 2017

The word from Taylor Trudel at Dick’s Bait & Tackle is that things have definitely slowed around the island. Flyrodders and light tackle anglers are catching some schoolies either at night or very early in the morning around Lobsterville and Menemsha. Shore anglers have been picking at bluefish around Chappy; most have been in the five to six-pound range, with an occasional 10-pounder muscling its way in. Roberts’ Rangers and Surface Tensions are typically what folks throw when they are targeting blues, both for their durability and their aerodynamic shape that results in long casts. Super Strike’s Little Neck Popper is also made of plastic and stand up to a chopper’s teeth; they are also a good distance plug and provide more of a popping action rather than the erratic, sliding motion of the aforementioned plugs. Along the north shore, the game is fish hard at night and sleep during the day – or at least drink extra coffee or take a 5-Hour Energy to stay awake. Soft plastics, eels, needlefish and metal lips are what most of the hardcores use.

As an alternative to the slow bass fishing from the beach, some surfcasters are targeting sharks, especially brown sharks, all along the south facing beaches, as well as Norton Point, Chappy, and Wasque. These are big, powerful fish, with 100-pound specimens not uncommon and even some that tip the scale at 200-pounds plus. Bottom fishing with dead eels is a common technique, but a brown shark will most likely overwhelm your typical bass fishing outfit.

There have been some bass caught at the Hooter while Wasque has been holding mainly bluefish. Since the reports of a couple of bonito being caught at Squibnocket and Wasque a couple of weeks ago, there has been nothing new to report about funny fish.