Martha’s Vineyard Fishing Report – July 28, 2016

Unlike the usual pattern where the bluefish will show in good numbers around Chappy and remain for a few days, this season it has been here today, gone tomorrow. There was a good push of choppers last weekend off the sand, but it died off just as quickly as it started. As has been the case in many spots this year, these blues ranged upwards of 12-pounds.

Steve Morris called the boat fishing for bass pretty slow; Wasque has died off for the most part this week, with only an occasional small bass mixed in with a few bluefish around. There are some bluefish at the Hooter, but only a handful of bonito have been caught so far, despite what Steve said was an incredible amount of sand eels thereabouts.

It has been a pick of bass from Gay Head to Squibnocket, with boaters employing everything from the pig-and-jig on wire to pogies and eels, with the latter often proving more effective, which is proving to be a real bummer for those folks who prefer artificial offerings.

Shore anglers around the north shore and again from Gay Head to Squibbie have been picking up an occasional 20+-pound striper from the rocks, but it has meant long hours using eels, needlefish, or darters, with Super Strike plugs very popular and effective on the islands, mainly for their consistency and durability – and they catch fish. Still, there are some folks who stick with wood from makers such as Gibbs and others, which are more susceptible to damage when bounced off the rocks.

Steve said there are way too many small fluke, with many spots not even producing fish that meet the 14-inch commercial minimum. On the other hand, the sea bass fishing remains really good from Menemsha all the way over to Noman’s.