Martha’s Vineyard Fishing Report – August 4th, 2016

Doug Asselin reported that shore fishing for larger bass has picked up this week; he has seen photos of 20 and even 30-pound bass, including a 49-inch fish whose picture just arrived at the shop. Many of these fish are typically caught around the north shore on eels, needlefish, darters, and swimmers, both metal lip and Daiwa SP Minnows, but with Tisbury Great Pond opened up, some good fish are caught on bait such as clams around Quansoo. A few surfcasters have also told of good early morning action on surface plugs such as the Super Strike Little Neck Popper.

For boaters, the key has been to go deep, typically with wire line, if you are looking for bass, around Wasque and between Squibnocket and Gay Head, as well as out towards Noman’s. A few larger fish continue to be taken on live scup and some folks are chunking pogies and picking up a fish here and there, but there are far more throwbacks and just legals than anything of impressive size.

Most of the bluefish action has been around East Beach and Chappy, but any action has not been sustained for several days in a row. Doug said that Surface Tension lures are working well and becoming favored by the island crowd, as they feature a better hook than Roberts’ lures and they also don’t foul. Doug has found that dropping the tip of his rod and really ripping one of these lures across the surface has paid off in hits from unseen fish while other anglers sticking with a lazier retrieve are coming up empty.

There are good numbers of big sea bass in the deeper water between Menemsha and Noman’s, particularly south of the latter. Boaters are also picking up some good sea bass around Muskeget Channel.

Folks trolling around the Hooter are reporting picking up more bonito on the troll, with a few caught by casting into the rips. There are plenty of sand eels and schools of silversides south of the Vineyard and as that bait moves in towards the island, it should draw the bones with it.