Martha’s Vineyard Fishing Report – August 3, 2017

Doug Asselin from Dick’s Bait & Tackle in Edgartown said fishing around the island right now is pretty simple: there are fish to be caught, but there is no consistency as to where you are going to find them. He knows of some bluefish being caught around Chappy around dusk, as well as a few bass on plugs and metals. Doug recommended fishing areas where there is deep water close to shore, which is why Chappy is good, as well as the entrance to Menemsha and Norton Point, while long, shallow stretches of beach such as State Beach are generally quiet this time of year; if you do fish there, concentrating around Big Bridge is a good idea. The hardcore, fish-every-night gang has been picking up some bass on the north shore, as well as Gay Head and Squibnocket, but they are working hard with eels, needlefish, darters, and metal lips. Wasque has been a pick, with jigging wire definitely the most consistently productive method; at the Hooter, a few more bonito have been caught, as well as some bass and blues. It is not uncommon for the stripers at the Hooter to be feeding on crabs, so streaming long wire and dragging nylon hair jigs through the sand will often produce the most fish.

Earlier I mentioned that State Beach is tough for bass right now due to warm water, but the stretch from Edgartown to Vineyard Haven is often where inshore bonito first show up, so I can imagine that a few folks are keeping an eye on this area. If I were to pick an area where they are most likely to show, however, it would be off Menemsha due to its proximity to Noman’s and Squibbie where some have been caught already this season.