Martha’s Vineyard Fishing Report – August 25, 2017

Steve Morris, the head man at Dick’s Bait & Tackle in Edgartown, heard that there were some bonito both around Lambert’s Cove and yesterday off State Beach. If you don’t care how you catch them, then trolling at the Hooter will produce the most fish, although you will have to pick through bluefish and sea bass, with the latter apparently more prevalent than the choppers. As usual, Yo-zuri DD Crystal Minnows and Rebel Fastracs are very effective.<

Steve also said that on Monday and Tuesday they had some small bluefish running around Chappy. There have also been scattered reports of schools of small blues in Vineyard Sound, generally closer to the Elizabeths than the island.

Inshore bass fishing around the island is generally falling into two camps: the hardcores who don’t mind fishing all night around the rocks have been picking at some larger bass around Squibnocket, Gay Head, and the north shore, while there are enough schoolies inside the salt ponds to keep more casual anglers, whether from shore or boat, happy. There have been, however, a few larger bass caught on plugs and live eels at night in the ponds.

People are talking about albies, but not catching, but they will find plenty of bait when they get to the island, Steve said. Besides a few fish on Nantucket, he got a report that a few were caught south of Block Island, so it shouldn’t be long before the funny fish scene gets going.