Martha’s Vineyard Fishing Report – August 17, 2017

Doug Asselin made it clear that there is a ton of bait around the island, including sand eels, silversides, peanut bunker, adult pogies, and baby herring. There have been some bluefish caught from shore around Chappy, but when it comes to bass, it’s the hardcores who are putting their time in at night who are catching larger fish around Squibnocket, Gay Head, and the north shore. There are schoolies still being caught up inside many of the ponds around the island, but Doug added that for the first time he can remember, folks are catching bass in the 20-pound class both from boat and shore in these spots. There have been reports of actively feeding fish on top around the Elizabeths, Horseshoe Shoal, and Menemsha, but the problem is that the hot spot seems to be changing daily.

There are still plenty of sea bass and scup around, with many boaters heading to Noman’s to target larger BSB. When it comes to bonito, Doug emphasized that there has been no large push of fish yet in areas that are usually funny fish haunts such as Cape Poge, State Beach, Middle Ground and Menemsha. There have been a few caught at the Hooter, but overall this area has been quiet, even for bluefish and bass.