Martha’s Vineyard Fishing Report – August 11, 2017

Steve Morris over at Dick’s Bait & Tackle in Edgartown called the fishing around the island “fair,” explaining that the hardcore anglers who are willing to rock hop at Squibnocket, Gay Head, and spots along the north shore are catching bass. Now, Steve added, they are catching tons of fish and at the moment a 36-inch striper is a good catch; in fact, Steve said he hasn’t seen or heard of a really big bass since Memorial Day weekend. There are some bass and a few bluefish at Chappy, but a good number of sand people are soaking dead eels for brown sharks. Overall, there hasn’t been much bluefish action around so it’s obvious that the choppers we have had in the sound and down the Elizabeths haven’t worked their way over to the Vineyard. As far as funny fish go, Steve reported that there were two caught at the Menemsha jetties, two at the Hooter, and one at Squibnocket, but overall the action is pretty much non-action. One angler did come in this week and told Steve that he saw bones breaking down around the Brickyard, but he had no hook-ups. There has also been no word about false albacore.