Live Lining Mackerel for Stripers Outside Barnstable Harbor – May 27, 2016


Mike Peck fished Cape Cod Bay last Friday morning, jigging up live mackerel and live-lining them for stripers in 12-35 feet of water just outside of Barnstable Harbor. Mike and his crew fished the outgoing tide, catching 45 fish between 24-40″, including the one featured in the photo above.

This technique is a very popular and effective way to catch big stripers when they are feeding heavily on mackerel in the early spring. The deep water just north of Barnstable Harbor channel will typically hold thick schools of mackerel this time of year and are fairly easy to find with your electronics, and are occasionally visible on the surface. After jigging up mackerel with smaller diamond jigs and sabiki rigs, many anglers will run back in and drift the flats and edges on either side of the outer channel in 10-40′ of water, live-lining the macks for big stripers.

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