How-To Video: Rig a Ballyhoo with a Blue Max Joe Shute Head


Step 1: Assemble your materials

1.) Hogy Blue Max with Joe Shute (includes 175-pound test fluorocarbon leader, chafe gear, pin rig, 1 or 3oz Joe Shute head, and 7/0 VMC Dynacut hook)
2.) Rubber band
3a.) Hogy 10-inch Jiggin’ Softbait or
3b.) Ballyhoo

Click here to see Blue Max colors and sizes in the store
Click here to see Blue Max colors and sizes in the store

Step 2: Line up your hook before puncturing bait

Lining up the hook ahead of time to find out where the proper exit point is ensures that you won’t make an additional, unnecessary hole in your ballyhoo (or softbait), diminishing the swimming action and degrading the bait.


Step 3: Insert hook inside the gill plate


Step 4: Exit the hook outside the belly


Step 5: Poke the pin rig through both jaws


Step 6: Wrap the rubberbound around both jaws and pin rig

Place one end of the loop around the pin rig and continue to wrap the rubber band until tight. Take final end of rubber band and also wrap on pin rig so it stays tightly wrapped.


Step 7: Slide the Blue Max Joe Shute head down the leader

Make sure the Blue Max Joe Shute head fits snugly against rubber band, creating a cushion for the Joe Shute head to prevent damage to the bait.


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