How To: Vertical Jigging for Trophy Class Stripers with the Hogy Slappy Eel #127

Capt. Jamie Simmons of Buzzard’s Bay Outfitters and Capt. Jimmy Pragana of Epic Offshore head out with the Salty Cape Crew to target monster mid-August nighttime stripers with the “slappy technique,” which is a slow, vertical jig along the bottom of the water column where these 35lb.+ class fish can often be found.

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Lure: Hogy Slappy Jiggin’ Eel (13-inch)
Slappy Technique
Tip #1: Use lightweight jig heads around slack tide and increase jig head weight as the tide or the current builds.
Tip #2: Choose a quality hook, like the barbarian jig head.
Tip #3: Drop the Slappy jig all the way to the bottom and keep the bait in contact with the sttructure.
Tip #4: Use short sharp rod twitches to impart dancing action in bait
Tip #5: Fish usually bite on the drop, be prepared for hook-sets.

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