Video: How To Rig Hogy Sand Eels for Stripers


Capt. Mike Hogan gives a step-by-step approach to rigging Hogy sand eels to imitate the large pods of sand eels that stripers commonly feed on in the Cape Cod area.

Lure: 7″ Hogy Sand Eels with .5oz Barbarian 6/0 Weighted Swimbait Hook
Line: 40lb Test Fluorocarbon Leader
Knot: Loop Knot

Underwater Video: Sand Eel Pods off of Devil’s Bridge

Capt. Larry Backman of Skipjack fished off of Aquinnah on a Friday in early June when they stumbled upon massive pods of sand eels. 30″ stripers were around, but not in any great numbers, and were feeding on big schools of juvenile sea herring. After the sun went down, Skipjack‘s underwater LEDs created this mini ecosystem of balled-up sand eels with the squid feeding on them.

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