How to Build Your Own Spreader Bar

Hi Folks,
Building your own spreader bar is pretty easy to do if you have the right tools, parts and instructions. The instructions I’ve included below are designed to be simple, fast and easy. These are also the exact same instructions I use to build my own personal bars and the products we sell pre-rigged.

We have the kits for sale now in the Hogy shop, so check out the following link to pick one up:


Capt. Mike Hogan

Components Included in DIY Spreader Bar Kit

(1) 6pack of 60inch Pre-Cut 200lb Mono
(1) 6pack Pre-Cut 28inch Flank Lines
(1) 50pack 1.7mm Aluminum Crimps
(1) 30pack Black Chafe Guards
(1) 30pack Stainless Chafe Guards
(1) 4pack VMC Dynacut 7051TI Offshore Big Game Tuna Hook
(1) 4pack Glow Chafe Guards
(10) 9inch UV Machines
(1) 12inch UV Machines
(1) 10pack 220lb Snap Swivels
(1) Allshore Hand Crimpers
(2) Pre-Rigged 12inch Stinger UV Machines
(2) 30inch Spreader Bar Bag
(1) 100pack Red Spacing Beads
(1) 8pack 1oz Egg Sinkers

Step by Step Instructions

More Videos

Hand Crimping
Bench Crimping
Bulb Squid Spreader Bar Rigging
Machine Spreader Bar Rigging

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