Gear Guide: Best Soft Baits for Cape Cod Striper Fishing

Top Water Soft Baits

Unweighted soft baits imitate just about every game fish around, especially eels, squid and sand eels, three of Cape Cod stripers’ favorite baits! They have amazing action, can be rigged any number of ways, and are exciting to use. Watch these videos and you’ll get the idea.

Barb 10inc Bone Rigged

10″ Hogy Originals

About the Top Ranked Version: This classic combo was Hogy’s first bait and is still wildly popular. Each Hogy Original is still hand poured in the USA with the finest materials around. They have an amazing action and come in a full array of colors.

Where to Buy: Here

Reviews: My favorite top water soft bait for stripers is the 10” Hogy Original rigged with a weedless swim-bait hook. I fish this lure in the rips of Middle Ground off Martha’s Vineyard. Amber is my favorite color as it best replicates squid that the stripers are chasing there in the spring. You absolutely need the weedless hook to fish through all the weeds that are there in the spring. ~ Capt. Mike Hogan


Imitator Soft Baits

In calm water or when there are massive amounts of bait, stripers can be very finicky. Often, highly imitative bait will seal the deal!

When To Fish: In areas where sand eels are the primary forage (such as Cape Cod Bay) or massive schools of sand eels are present (off Provincetown or the coast of New Jersey).

7inch Sand Eel - Dark Sand Eel

The Hogy Sand Eel

About the Top-Ranked Version: The perfect replication of both small and larger sand eels, featuring life-like action. Available in three sizes in light and dark coloration.

Where to Buy: Here


Jig Head Rigged soft baits

Why: Jig Head rigged soft baits are extremely effective imitators of large sand eels, mackerel, and other baitfish. The two most popular sizes are 7” and 9”.

When To Fish: Jig head rigged soft baits are excellent for target fish holding in deep water or heavy current. Night fishing with jigging baits is very effective along boulder shorelines.

Barbarian Rigged HDUV Black

Hogy HDUV with Barbarian Jig Heads.

About the top ranked version: HDUV Soft bait line by Hogy is one serious line of soft baits. They are infused with pigmentation that reflects UV light, which make them deadly daytime jigging baits for striped bass. It has a flanged head to accommodate all sizes of jig heads.

Where to Buy: Here

Reviews: My favorite Jiggin’ soft bait for stripers is the 9” HDUV rigged with 2-ounce Barbarian Jig Head. I fish the 9-incher in deeper water off Gay Head and the smaller 7-inch version in amber in the rips of Monomoy. The Barbarian jigs are strong as #$%^ and I can put serious amounts of vertical pressure on a large fish without worrying about straightening the hook. ~ Capt. Mike Hogan

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