Gear Guide: Best Striper Jigs Cape Cod

Diamond Jigs

Rigged BB Smooth Jigs Green

Diamond Jigs are a classic striper lure that has been around forever. Their popularity comes and goes. They are quite popular off Monomoy rips and Provincetown. They typically range from 2 to 16 ounces. They are very effective for vertical jigging for striped bass. The most popular teasers for Diamonds are small tubes teasers or soft baits. As far as retrieve goes, they can be vertically jigged at a variety of speeds. Diamond jigging can be a deadly technique for stripers that are in large concentrations feeding on baitfish on the bottom. Diamond jigs are well suited for depths of 20 feet or more. Most anglers will drop the jigs all the way to the bottom and jig with long lifts of the rod, allowing the jig to flutter as it falls, which is often where the strike occurs.

When to Fish: When sand eels are in the area.

Hogy Premium Ball Bearing Diamond Jigs by Hogy are thru-wired and feature ball bearings. SI Premium jigs also come in bunker and sand eel colors.

Jig Head Soft Baits


Vertically jigging soft baits is a deadly technique for sand eel hungry stripers. One of the best reasons why jig head rigged soft baits fish so well is the natural wiggle from the soft bait. They can be fished slow, on the bottom, fast on the retrieve or anywhere in between.

When to Fish: When sand eels, herring or mackerel are in the area.

Hogy HDUV with Barbarian jig heads. HDUV Soft bait line by Hogy is one serious line of soft baits. They are infused with pigmentation that reflects UV light, which makes them a deadly daytime jigging bait for striped bass. It has a flanged head to accommodate all sizes of jig heads.

Reviews: My favorite Jiggin soft bait for stripers is the 9” HDUV rigged with 2oz Barbarian Jig. I fish the 9-incher in deeper water off Gay Head and the smaller 7” version in amber in the rips of Monomoy. The Barbarian jigs are strong as #$%^ and I can put serious amounts of vertical pressure on a large fish without worrying about straightening the hook. Capt. Mike Hogan

Skirted Swimming Jigs

HD Cobia Jig Tinker Mac 450px

One of the most traditional lures for stripers. Invented many decades ago and still hugely popular, especially in places with strong current such as the Cape Cod Canal and Montauk. They feature natural bucktail or synthetic hair tied on to cover the hook and present a wide, short profile that “breathes” as it’s retrieved. Available in many sizes from less than an ounce up to 6 ounces. For an even more effective presentation, rig with soft plastic to increase the overall length and taper.

Spro, Bomber, Andrus. Many manufacturers offer lead head jigs with tied-on hair – Be sure to select ones that feature strong saltwater-grade hooks. Dress the hook with Hogy 7” Originals, Hogy Jiggin’ series or the new HDUV paddle tail series Hogy plastics for the BEST action!