Fishing Vicariously Through You: Capt. Mike’s Forecast for June 5, 2015

I very rarely get a chance to fish on weekends, but if I were to go, these are the plays I would look at. My recommendations listed here are based on my experiences this week, feedback from friends and my past experiences for this time of year in years past.

PLEASE! I would LOVE feedback from anyone who goes to any one of these spots this weekend. I will give you a Free SI Perfect tube of your choice of size and color to anyone who submits a verifiable report here. I’ll even ship it to you for free!

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I truly hope these tips help. I’m a boat guy, and I apologize that this is boater’s centric.

Capt. Mike

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Upper Cape

If bottom fishing is on the agenda, Vineyard Sound has been continuing to produce nice sea bass on the various humps and wrecks south of Hedge Fence. Fresh squid is the most common bait, but for those of you, who like me, prefer artificials, the sea bass (and large scup) have been receptive to vertical jigs. This past Tuesday, I did very well with the 3.5oz Heavy Minnow and the 2.5oz Sand Eel Jig. We are also getting reports of solid fluke fishing at Lucas Shoal. This is an excellent time of year to target fluke.

Trolling for stripers has been effective and with the moon tide in place, wire line is critical for fishing the deeper rips such as L’Hommedieu. You’ll need 200’ of wire to get under the bluefish, as I learned yesterday when I got schooled by a local pro next to me. I did get plenty of bluefish though. Middle Ground has had some fish on and off. You can get away with trolling weedless soft-baits, 10” Bone and Bubble Gum Soft Baits are what I would recommend. Here’s how I’d fish them.

Best Times To know about with some spot variations:
Saturday (add 40min for Sun):

5AM: Peak Incoming Tide
10am: Peak Outgoing Tide
8AM: Slack
3PM: Slack

Salty Cape’s web editor caught this nice bass trolling the pass through Woods Hole on the SI Perfect Squid with lead core. I would only recommend this very, very early in the morning when there is minimal boat traffic. It is unfair to other boaters to fish there in the middle of the morning. Slack in Woods Hole this weekend is at about 7 a.m. which is a good cut off time for fishing the channel.


For top water casting in the sound I would recommend the same soft-baits as above and working Middle Ground, Woods Hole (some nice fish being caught there in the rips). Anglers are also picking some fish down the Elizabeth Islands. Always worth a try.

Buzzards Bay and West End of the Canal

Sadly, the West End of the Canal is where I should have fished yesterday morning. You can see how that played out here. There have been pushes of fish through the canal, and this area is a great play if you are a boater.

For starters, you have good topwater casting action. Look for birds and work the pods with small soft plastics. In this video, I was using the 7” Hogy Original as there are some small herring still in the area. The tinker mack color is also a good option.

Trolling has been effective. If I were to troll the west end of the canal tomorrow, I would follow the tide along the edge of the change trolling tube, small parachute jigs and Perfect Squids on lead core. White has been the hot color for the tube. Not sure why that is, but that’s what I have heard from anglers in both Woods Hole and the West end. But if you don’t have a white tube, I’m 100% sure you will catch fish with the classic colors. Here’s how I’d fish the west end. This video from Hogy is from Woods Hole, but the same principles will work. Here’s the outfit I would use from Hogy.

If it comes to a PLAN B for the west end of the canal, the sea bassing has been good too. I like lighter jigs for the west end of the Canal. I use the Squinnow and the sand eel jigs on Cleveland Ledge. Be aware that the EPOs are aggressively patrolling this area, checking boat coolers and licenses and there were two big busts in this area in the last week. Know the limits, and have your license.

Best Times To know about with some spot variations
Saturday (add 40min for Sun):

7:30AM: For peak Incoming Tide
12:00PM: Peak Outgoing Tide

Video Report for West End of the Canal from Last Week:

Cape Cod Bay

I hit the Bay pretty hard yesterday an only caught one mackerel and lost a schoolie. There have been fish at Billingsgate, The Race, and Barnstable Harbor. We had the Arctic north wind to contend with. We saw tons of bait, I mean tons and tons of bait, but no Pajamas. (Old term for stripers.) This will open back up any tide now. If the bay was on my agenda, I would go armed with 7” Hogy Sand Eels. If this fish were holding in deeper water, I would jig the sand eel jig, dropping on targets on the fish finder.

Best Times To know about with some spot variations
Saturday (add 40min for Sun):

4:30AM: For peak Incoming Tide
9AM: Peak Outgoing Tide