Fishing Report: Provincetown Stripers on Sand Eels – June 16, 2015


Got up early today to fish with Capt. Shaun Ruge. We met at the Sandwich Marina Boat Ramp at 4:00am to meet for a pre-work fishing session off The Race. We got there just at slack tide. We immediately saw a ton of bait. It didn’t take long to mark fish, lots of them. They were finicky. We finally cracked the code and found that they wanted a VERY slow jig. I mean super slow! They would pick the jigs up on the drop, so quick hook set was key.


For us, they wanted a smooth diamond jig rigged with a 6″ Hogy Sand eel (rigged like this). The fish were good sized. First fish was north of 38″ but we didn’t measure it. We caught a few more in same size class jigging until we noticed fish were rolling and the tide was moving. We switched over to the 7″ and 6″ sand eels rigged on soft baits (rigged like this) to fish on lighter tackle on topwater. They were more aggressive on the surface with the tide moving. Just a few twitches and we were tight. Fish are still stacked up in P-town. Worth going. Video will be out tomorrow.

Owner, Hogy Lures
Publisher, Salty Cape

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