Fishing Report: Bluefin Tuna Approach The Claw – June 18, 2015

There have been rumblings of a tuna bite south of the vineyard. As a result, I called an audible for today and headed offshore with Capt. Nat Chalkley of Get the Net Charters, who happened to develop the same “sickness” and had to miss work, like me.

Sleep loss is tuna fever’s number one side effect, so I figured I may as well load up the boat last night and tell my crew to meet me at 3:15 A.M. I’ve heard reports from many different sources, so I figured we would start close to the Vineyard and work our way south.

We started at The Claw since we would see the better part of sunrise. A few birds, but nothing amazing. We trolled for 45 minutes with no results.

We packed up, and started steaming for The Dump. About 10 miles south of The Claw, we simultaneously saw a pod of life (bait, birds and dolphin) and Larry Backman of the Skipjack doubled up. He was smarter than us and found the fish first. Oh well, just as productive to be lucky!


Simply put, the fishing was AWESOME! We found a nice school of 40 to 50-pound bluefin and we were hooked up in less than 5 minutes after finding them on an olive-colored Hogy Harness Jig. Shortly thereafter there was an easy 40-plus pound bluefin on my deck that coughed up copious amounts of sand eels. As a result, we slowly started swapping traditional pink, green and rainbow colors to more imitative or natural presentations. We lost count of how many fish we caught.

A few tips from today:
1) It was flat calm and we found the fish wanted the baits to be fast. 7kts
2) The olive harness jig on flat line, shrimp and amber spreader bars were hottest, but we caught fish on all colors. Pink was untouched.
3) We did not get a touch on the ballyhoo on the way-way-back (WWB) center line.

Suggested Lures:

Harness Jig in Olive
Harness Jig in Olive
Bulb Squid Spreader Bar (Amber Squid)
Bulb Squid Spreader Bar (Amber Squid)

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