Elizabeth Islands Fishing Report – September 4, 2015

Woods Hole has had plenty of life all week, but successful techniques have varied from tide-to-tide. Early mornings this week with the falling tide had smaller bass and bluefish of all sizes on top, willing to take topwater plugs as well as an assortment of soft plastics and metals (I found the olive Epoxy Jig very effective). The fish have been less noticeable as the sun came up, but there were spots where they were making a ruckus and even places where there seemed to be no life you could raise them with spooks or pencil poppers, with white a top color.

I spoke to Phil Stanton who went out later this morning and he saw no signs of life or any boats on the coming tide, but he trolled a white and pink umbrella rig with a broken back swimming plug and came up with a number of bass to just below legal size and several big bluefish from nine to 13-pounds. He was fishing in 18 to 24-feet of water. Where these monster blues have come from, I couldn’t tell you, but they are a blast to catch.

There were also albies popping up here and there in the Hole and along the Elizabeths, but they were being their typically fussy self at times. Flyrodders seemed to have the upper hand at times, but switching color and size Epoxy Jigs was helpful if you were using spinning tackle.

The few folks I spoke to who fished the islands with eels found mainly bluefish this week, with mostly smaller bass in the mix. It appears that until another school of bigger fish moves out of the Canal and settles in to the islands for however long a stay, it is going to be a pick day and night for anything larger.