Elizabeth Islands Fishing Report – September 21, 2017

Phil Stanton had a good trip on Monday around the islands, picking up some nice bass on eels and albies on a variety of lures, including metal and swimmers such as Yo-zuri Crystal Swimmers. As far as prospects for fishing once the weather settles, Phil advised that has found that it can go one of two ways: either blow the fish out that are around or move in new push of migrating fish.

I couldn’t tell you whether the bass that we found on Sunday were migratory or resident, but things were totally dead until Didzis and Janis Voldins and their dad, Mark, along with brother-in-law Matt Dix, found a very short stretch of shoreline where a good number of bass between 34-inches and 28+-pounds couldn’t resist the eels they were tossing.

We also found some schools of pogies that, surprisingly, weren’t being harassed by anything, while other folks have been reporting scattered schools of albies and small bass. Sunday evening Davis Yetman and I enjoyed were part of a small group of boats that had breaking albies outside of Robinson’s Hole and they were chewing really well on peanut bunker.

Even as I was writing this, I kept thinking that Woods Hole just might have albies breaking and I plan to give fishing a try tomorrow morning. If they are around, then hopefully folks on the stone pier will continue to get their shots, sometimes right at their feet.

All of the small bait in the area, particularly peanut bunker, has fueled some exciting topwater striper activity pretty much around any rock pile you look, although they do typically appear to have disappeared completely only to pop up some spot down tide.

Jim Young at Eastman’s Sport & Tackle on Main Street in Falmouth has been advising that people looking for tautog should consider the Hole, as the action there has been pretty consistent.