Elizabeth Islands Fishing Report – September 15, 2016

Capt. Warren Marshall reported that a number of albies were caught from the Stone Pier in Woods Hole this morning; they weren’t showing, but blindcasting proved they were around. There have been sporadic appearances of birds working over breaking fish, but on most occasions they have proven to be small bluefish.

Speaking of the blues, folks casting or drifting eels have found them to be a nuisance, reducing their snakes to cigar butts. Jim Young reported that Arthur Vose picked up a high-30-inch bass trolling wire in the Hole earlier this week, as well.

Schoolies and larger bass up to 30-inches are providing some great topwater action in the morning as they harass peanut bunker around the rocks and ledges. Smaller Hogy’s and Epoxy Jigs are great choices when the bass are on small bait, with nothing more complicated that an olive/white or chartreuse/white Clouser needed by flyrodders.

Phil Stanton said that his one trip down the islands this week was limited due to the winds, but he and his guests picked up a couple of bass in the 17 to 18-pound range on eels, while there were plenty of smaller stripers willing to hit an assortment of topwater plugs, including poppers and walk-the-dog freshwater variations.