Elizabeth Islands Fishing Report – September 13, 2018

Woods Hole is filled with small bait and certain tides have seen both bass and bluefish all over the peanut bunker, silversides, and small herring, but others, especially when the current gets moving east, have left these waters looking absolutely dead.

Occasional schools of bonito and albies have shown inside the Hole, but Nobska, typically an area that sees a good push of funnies at this time of year, has yet to turn on in any significant and/or consistent way.

Eels and pogies, both live and chunk, are clearly your best bet if you are seeking bass in the 20 pound and up range; drifting the channels and humps in Robinson’s and Quick’s is an effective way to fish live bait, while anchoring up around the Nashawena side of Quick’s and chumming and chunking with pogies is also productive.

There is also no need to put away the wire line outfits, as parachute jigs fished during the stronger periods of the tide continue to catch fish.

Typically, if you find good numbers of surface feeding fish, they will be on the small side, so if casting plugs, plastics, or flies is what you prefer, then working in tight and bouncing from one of your favorite spots to another as the tide changes is a good idea, as most anglers are reporting that the pattern this season has been picking up a fish or two at one location, with no epic concentrations of bass. That could change if some schools of pogies settle into the Elizabeths, but so far, that hasn’t happened.