Elizabeth Islands Fishing Report – October 20, 2017

Last Sunday, Capt. Warren Marshall called to say that his son David and a buddy found albies working hard off of Tarpaulin, as well as bass on top down around Robinson’s. Jim Young from Eastman’s added that folks told him last weekend there were large schools of albies both in Robinson’s and Quick’s.

Perhaps it was the strong northwest wind and the heavy swell that we found in Vineyard Sound, but Tom Worthington, his son, Chase, and I saw no sign of funny fish during our bass trip down the islands on Monday. We did manage a number of small bass and blues tossing R.M. Smith Jackhammers into the white stuff close to shore, but yellow Danny’s produced no response. The Worthington’s are like me and prefer to fish plugs and not eels, so I can’t tell you from personal experience what the snakes have been doing this week.

Chase Worthington shows off an Elizabeth Islands bass.
Tom Worthington shows off an Elizabeth Islands bass.

I did talk to Phil Stanton who went out on Wednesday in his Whaler skiff, with his big boat pulled for the season, and conditions were too gnarly for them to get around the corner from Woods Hole on both sides. They didn’t have any luck with eels in the Hole, but they did go under the bridge into Lackey’s where Matt caught one fish, a mid-30-inch bass that they released.

Jim said that the tautog fishing has slowed in Woods Hole, but folks working the islands have been picking up plenty of tog from 18 to 20-inches. Although I rarely see people fishing for them down Nashawena and Cuttyhunk way, they are easy to pick out when the water is clear as it is right now and there appears to be no lack of them.