Elizabeth Islands Fishing Report – May 17, 2019

I wish I could give you more of a report, but one angler I know who fishes there a great deal told me he has been concentrating on lobstering (?), while Capt. Mike Hogan reported that there were small bass on top as he passed through Woods Hole on his recent tautog trip.

John Waring from Eastman’s Sport & Tackle in Falmouth said he heard from Phil Stanton that they had no success wire line jigging in the Hole, but they did have some fun catching smaller fish on plugs and soft plastics. Phil called me and said that he wasn’t marking any larger fish and the water was filled with mung.

The water temperature reading in the Hole this week was at 52.5-degrees on a west tide and that means conditions are right where they should be for some larger bass to appear.

Jim Young added that there have been some squid jigged up off the commercial dock in the Hole and some tautog have also been caught.


Hogy Tip:

Although Woods Hole and the Elizabeths are known for their rips, currents, and ledges, some of the best early season fishing occurs in quieter waters such as coves, flats, and spots where back eddies form. These typically have water that is a bit warmer and early concentrations of bait.

My go to plan for these spots is tossing an unweighted bone or bubblegum 10-inch Original Hogy, allowing it to move with any current in the water and using a slower retrieve, followed by a fast snap-and-retrieve approach, looking for a reaction strike.