Elizabeth Islands Fishing Report – June 15, 2017

Phil Stanton made his usual circuit down the islands after things slowed in Woods Hole; after finding nothing of consequence from Lackey’s to Robinson’s, he made the turn into Quick’s and found a number of boats catching big bass, from 20-pounds on up, using pogies, whether live or fresh dead chunks. Phil tried jigging and plugging, but was not successful no matter what he tried.

Jim Young from Eastman’s told me that the 30+-pound bass that is leading their bi-weekly contest was caught by a patron of Capt. John Christian, skipper of the Susan Jean and as knowledgeable a guy as you will find when it coms the islands. Jim added that it was caught on a live eel, with snakes becoming more and more of a popular item lately.

The guys at Buzzard's Bay Outfitters find some nice fish on Thursday morning down the Elizabeth's.
The guys at Buzzard’s Bay Outfitters find some nice fish on Thursday morning down the Elizabeth’s.

The Hole has a ton of small schoolies making a racket, especially on a falling tide, but there are enough 24 to 30+-inch bass around to make things interesting, as Karl and Gabe Matlin discovered earlier this week. Everything from pink or white seven-inch Original Hogy’s, Rebel Jumpin’ Minnows, and squid flies all worked.

Phil said that most of the bass he has been catching on the troll has been by jigging green parachutes, although he has been switching over to an umbrella rig comprised of green mackerel shads and a bunker colored swimmer down the middle, which produces all of the fish.

Live scup continue to be a top producing bait for those who fish the deeper spots in the Hole, with Bob Bowman catching a 30-pounder last weekend and numerous other fish over 20-pounds caught by charter and recreational anglers alike.

Guys plugging the northside of the islands with big topwater stuff have been catching some bass in the 20 to 30-pound class, as well an occasional big bluefish. It does seem at the moment that the farther you go towards Cuttyhunk, the fishing gets better.