Elizabeth Islands Fishing Report – July 7, 2016

Many anglers are reporting good numbers of school bass in Woods Hole from 16″ to 26″ pushing baby squid, with a few topping the 30-inch mark. For anglers who are sticking with using artificial lures. Seven-inch Original Hogy’s and the seven-inch, one ounce Hogy Pro Tail Eels in UV Bone have been very effective, with Rebel Jumpin’ Minnows raising fish right through slack water. Pink Epoxy Jigs have also been mentioned as another lure that is working, particularly during incoming water.

There are a ton of small bass in spots from Lackey’s Bay to Quick’s Hole, with some small bluefish mixed in as well. These fish are very aggressive and willing to hit pretty much any small bait thrown their way; that said, I have had good luck with silver and olive Epoxy Jigs, as well as bone soft plastics, both weighted and unweighted, based on the speed of the current.

Phil Stanton said that jigging has slowed and he has turned to tossing live eels into the rocks with mixed results. He has managed to catch a nice bass on each of these trips, but the duration and intensity of the action changes from day-to-day.

Although he has been focusing on his eel fishing during the day, Phil added that those folks going out at night have found more cooperative fish. While the recremercial pogy dunkers were noticeably absent for the most part today, they are starting to fish pogies in their usual haunts around Naushon and Pasque during the day and casting or drifting eels at night.