Elizabeth Islands Fishing Report – July 30, 2015

If you’re targeting bigger bass around the islands, live eels are definitely the way to go right now. Even the daytime pogy chunk bite around Naushon and inside Quick’s has slowed a bit, but folks who like to fish at night have been doing OK using snakes from Woods Hole to Cuttyhunk. It would be unfair to pinpoint any area as the hotspot as the fish are moving around and the at times the best action has been in a very short tide window, although the turn of the currents often produce some nice fish.

Although it sounds counterintuitive given everything you might have read, but every season some really big bass are caught on plugs fished around slack water around the rocks and ledges. Pencil poppers and Smack-its are great choices, along with big walk-the-dog style offerings; you are trying to draw a reaction strike as much as a feeding response, so putting plenty of action into your plug is important, to the point where you might get a little tired.

For folks who prefer to troll, either jigs or tubes, moving off the shoreline into slightly deeper water during the day is a good idea in the dog days of summer as the fish often seeking the cooler conditions there. Remember, however, that fishing deeper is useless if you are getting your offerings right down on the fish.

There are also plenty of reports of fish working small bait, especially around the Hole and Capt. John Christian reported finding a crab hatch along the islands. Believe me, there is nothing more interesting than watch bass slurp tiny crabs or krill – but it’s also very frustrating. Sometimes your best bet is to just throw something larger and noisier around the edges of the fish and hope for a reaction strike – or take up fly fishing with bonefish patterns!