Elizabeth Islands Fishing Report – July 28, 2017

There is no lack of schoolies and small bluefish around the Elizabeths, especially around Cuttyhunk where they are feeding on baby sea herring and sand eels. Some of the bait balls are so thick that it can be difficult getting the fishes attention, but using something flashy with enough contrast to the baitfish coloration will help. Stick baits and spooks are generally more effective than poppers, with an occasional pause on the retrieve causing the fish to blow up on the plug. Most of the bass are on the small side, so using single hooks for a cleaner release, will help.

Live eels or pogies, whether livelined or chunked, continue to produce the majority of the larger bass around the islands and in Woods Hole; timing the turn of the current really helps, with a brief surge of activity often the result. Based on the tide, the fish can either be tight to the shoreline or around structure that is up to several hundred feet from shore.

Seven-inch bone Original Hogy’s and white or bone plugs such as the Rebel Jumpin’ Minnow continue to provide plenty of topwater activity throughout Woods Hole and down the islands. There is a great deal of bird activity in the Hole, but they are generally working over schoolies, while some 30+-inch bass are available for anglers who concentrate on structure. If you’re not getting any love on the size plastic or plug you are using, consider downsizing and focus on swinging your lure so it moves right by intercept points, as opposed to tossing them directly at your target.