Elizabeth Islands Fishing Report – July 16, 2015

Kelly Livingston with a nice bass taken on eels at the Elizabeths this week.
Kelly Livingston with a nice bass taken on eels at the Elizabeths this week.

Phil Stanton sent me a photo of a nice bass taken by Kelly Livingston, just one of four she took on live eels last night. There definitely seems to be a shift towards bait from wire-and-jigs recently, particularly around Naushon; I have seen more people livelining scup, chunking pogies, and casting or drifting eels recently in Woods Hole and along the islands. Word is there are brief windows of activity and it has paid off to fish a tide through rather than getting impatient and running around.

Some of the sharpies are of the opinion that the fish have moved farther down the islands towards Cuttyhunk, seeking cooler water. Jigging wire continues to produce fish in Quick’s, but eels are working as well, both in tight around the rocks and in deeper water during the sunshine.

There are schoolies and bluefish in the rocks in the Hole and they are sober, as opposed to the crowd on the “booze cruise” that managed to fetch up on the rocks, and the fish are taking small soft plastics, flies, and the occasional topwater. White has been the top color.

Along the islands, it seems that the schools of smaller bass and blues that had been everywhere in open water have disappeared, at least as far as a consistent, tide-to-tide occurrence, but they are definitely in tight around the shoreline and can be coaxed out by a variety of smaller offerings. That said, we have been doing well on bubblegum and bone 10-inch Original Hogy’s, which even the schoolies find difficult to resist.