Elizabeth Islands Fishing Report – July 14, 2016

Young Owen Shear was very happy with all the bass he caught in Woods Hole this week.
Young Owen Shear was very happy with all the bass he caught in Woods Hole this week.

The pogy chunking boats have moved into their typical summer haunts, anchoring up and feeding the bass in hopes that they can coax a few larger ones into eating. The daytime bite has been so-so around the islands, but in Woods Hole certain holes continue to produce a pick of larger bass.

Eels at night continue to outfish live pogies during the day in many cases, although the big bluefish that moved into spots such as Quick’s Hole this week present a real challenge for the live bait crew. These are legitimate double-digit blues and if you can raise them up on plugs, they are a lot of fun. Focus on the slower parts of the tide and both entrances to Robinson’s and Quick’s, as well as working topwaters around rock piles that quite often hold a gnarly blue or two.

Woods Hole is holding a good number of schoolies that are chasing baby squid, making seven-inch Original Hogys in Bone an excellent choice; unweighted swimbait hooks work fine during the slower parts of the tide while switching to a weighted one or even a small jighead will help get the bait down to where the fish are holding. The weight also allows you to keep contact better with the plastic, a key in strong currents.

John Breznak did well in the Hole earlier this week before the winds kicked up, and along with small white flies fished on both full sink and intermediate lines, he used poppers to great effect, including catching his largest fish of the day.

It may not be everybody’s cup of tea, but there are so many spots holding very small schoolies that targeting them with the fly rod or ultralight tackle is a lot of fun. Flies and soft plastics are great since they sport one single hook and are easily removed from the fish, and some anglers are re-rigging their plugs with in line single hooks that work well since they sit away from the body of the plug that make hook-ups more likely.