Elizabeth Islands Fishing Report – August 4, 2016

Casting live eels and livelining pogies continue to be the two best methods of catching larger bass around the islands. Typically, these baits produce best at night, but some folks are reporting consistent action on eels in the middle of the day, whether the sun is shining or not.

Surprisingly, there haven’t been many reports of anglers doing well with the tube-and-worm, but it may be a matter of not many folks employing this trolling technique. On the other hand, umbrella rigs have been especially effective in Woods Hole.

Speaking of the Hole, there are still good numbers of schoolies chasing baby squid and other small bait, with bone seven-inch Original Hogy’s a top lure, whether fished unweighted or with a weighted swimbait hook when the current is really ripping.

There are also good numbers of smaller bass throughout the chain, with smaller walk-the-dog plugs and poppers that feature noise-making rattles doing very well. Tossing big wooden swimmers and topwater plugs has also produced some big bass, but many spots that typically produce these kind of fish are quiet due to a great deal of fishing pressure. That makes a willingness to search out new spots extremely important as there don’t appear to be large bodies of big fish, but just a few here and there.