Elizabeth Islands Fishing Report – August 27, 2015

There’s no other way to put it: Woods Hole has had an incredible amount of life this week, with terns and gulls working over schools of breaking bass and bluefish. The size of the bass definitely changes from tide-to-tide, but a good number of the bluefish have been consistently huge. The fish have really been active on top, with topwater plugs, from spooks to pencil poppers, very effective as well as white soft plastics and fly patterns that match peanut bunker and small herring. It doesn’t seem to make any difference that tide you fish, but things do get quiet in the vicinity of noon on sunny days, although you can pick at fish around structure.

As far as the islands go, there aren’t many huge fish around at night, but folks tossing eels have been picking up bass pretty regularly in the 28 to 34-inch range. Naushon has been fishing well for flyrodders working tight to the rocks, with decent numbers of schoolies taking peanut bunker patterns.

Quick’s might be your best bet if you like to jig wire as a number of charter boats were spotted there earlier this week working their parachutes. Tube-and-worm fishing has been slower than usual so far this season, although the reason might be that the fish are holding in deeper water during the day, which is when most people use tubes, and folks’ offerings aren’t getting down to where the fish are holding.

Bonito reports have been head scratching, with one guy reporting that he picked up six last week in one day in Lackey’s and a singleton the next. There have been some bones on the north side of Naushon, but they have been making a brief appearance in specific spots and it takes patience to wait them out.