Elizabeth Islands Fishing Report – August 17, 2017

It’s been four days straight of really good bass fishing in Woods Hole, starting on Tuesday in the rain and overcast skies as Gene Bourque and his son-in-law John Wickel enjoyed four hours of breaking fish. Mixed in with the large number of schoolies were some much bigger bass, including one fish that looked to be close to 20-pounds. These fish were chowing on peanut bunker, but seven-inch bone Hogy’s were all we needed to catch all the stripers we wanted.

The same Hogy’s worked well for George and Nikos Topulos on Wednesday, despite the sunny conditions, as the fish were active on all of the rock ledges in the Hole. We also employed Rebel Jumpin’ Minnows at times and it was fun watching the fish jump on them. Any question as to where the bait and bass were answered by the large flocks of terns hovering and diving for their meals.

Gene Bourque with a nice bass taken in Woods Hole on Monday morning on a 7-inch bone Original Hogy.
Gene Bourque with a nice bass taken in Woods Hole on Monday morning on a 7-inch bone Original Hogy.

Finally, this morning Capt. Warren Marshall and I shared a lot of laughs as he had fish of all sizes blowing up on the foam poppers he was tossing on a floating line. We even had some bass come clear out of the water and jump over the popper.

The interesting thing regarding bait is that while earlier in the week there appeared to be mostly peanut bunker that the bass were feeding on, today we say more tiny squid flying out of the water with stripers hot on the their tails. Overall, with the air temperature at my house in Bourne at 55-degrees at 4:30 AM, it felt a lot like fall.

The last time I saw Phil Stanton down the islands was last weekend and he had just caught a couple of 28 to 30-inch bass on eels, which remains the top producing bait that I have heard of down the islands. What was interesting is that Phil caught his fish during the day while my best trips have definitely been at night.

There have also been schools of small bass throughout the islands, both on the current changes in Robinson’s and Quick’s, as well in the evening, especially on the Buzzards Bay side of the islands.