How To: Drop Shotting for Cod East of Chatham

Drop Shotting for Cod

After a long day of either catching tuna or trying to catch tuna, Capt. Mike and the Salty Cape crew like to head out a little further east of Chatham to go bottom fishing for cod fish.

The Hogy HD Drop Shot Rig is an excellent rig for cod fishing for a variety of reasons. The main reason being that is will often call the smaller fish up and the larger fish are soon to follow. There are three components to it; the top end is a 240lb test, ball-bearing swivel, chafe gear, followed by a crimp.

Drop Shot Rig
Hogy HD Drop Shot Rig

“What I like about the heavy line [200lb test] is that for example, today we are fishing in 280 and the heavier line allows you to pull fish off the bottom of their structure,” Capt. Mike Hogan said.

The second component to this rig is the heavy-duty split ring in the middle with chafe gear on both ends and an 11/0 owner hook with an 8″ HDUV Paddle Tail. And lastly, the jig is finished with chafe gear again and a 240lb split ring with a diamond jig rigged with a VMC uber-teaser on the bottom.

“It’s very simple to fish with,” Capt. Mike Hogan said. “We’re going to send this rig all the way down to the bottom and slowly move the rod up and down.”

If you know there are fish down there and you are not getting them, try changing your jigging speed.


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