Casting Rods For Striped Bass Fishing From Boats #125

Capt. Mike Hogan gives us a short walk through of his favorite casting rods for striped bass fishing from boat. These three outfits any scenario he may encounter while striped bass fishing with lures on Cape Cod.

Early Season Favorite: Great for lures up to about 1oz for schoolies and albie season.
Rod: 7′ Medium Action Rod
Reel: 5000 Class
Line: 30 – 40lb. test braid
Best for: Casting lures up to 2oz., targeting bluefish, throwing striper plugs, bottom fishing and vertical jigging with lures up to 4oz.
Rod: 7′ Medium/Medium Heavy Action
Reel: 5000 Class
Line: 40lb. test braid
Leader: 30lb. test fluorocarbon

Used the least: Best with large plugs around structure or doubles for small, offshore tuna under 50lbs.
Rod: 7.5′ medium heavy action rod
Reel: 5000 Class
Lures: Between 1oz and 4oz.

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