Capt. Mike’s Weekend Playbook – May 6, 2016

NOTE: It is still early and I just had my first trip of the season. Hence, I only have one trip to draw from recent experience for my “PLAYBOOK” this week. Luckily it was a successful trip. I’m sorry I don’t have more “plays” this week. We will be ramping up fast with more coverage with each week. The upside to this early early time of year is that you don’t have to get up super early to beat the crowds and finicky fish. The fish that have recently arrived are hungry and want to eat!

Friday morning's Waquoit Bay schoolie.
A Friday morning Waquoit Bay schoolie.

Capt. Mike’s Play # 1

A) Winds for Sat are 5 to 10kts from the east, so it won’t be nearly as rough as at has been all week. I would leave Falmouth Harbor at 7:30AM and head straight for Waquoit. The incoming tide will just start to building to a fishy velocity at around 8AM. The fishing was good there on Friday, with stripers up to 26inches.

This time slot will give you a few good hours of tide. I would go straight to where I was fishing yesterday. I would fish with small soft plastics rigged weedless. The water was a tad weedy, but not terrible by any means. Bone seemed to out-fish pink, but not by much.


That said I am 100% confident that beaches on both sides will be holding fish. We found the onshore wind was putting us on the beach, so I would take a play from the kayakers handbook and beach the boat out of the way and fish from sure if wind is a problem a problem.

B) If the area is crowded or in the mood to explore, I would sniff out all of Waquoit. There are plenty of fish, all the way up to Route 28. Be sure to look for sand bars, channels and drop offs, that’s where the bass will be holding.

C) Assuming I had my fill of schoolie stripers, or I wanted to seafood to bring home, I would pop out of Waquoit and look for the squid draggers. With the wind and tide today, I would expect to need 3 ounces to hold bottom if the Squid were holing deep. There were a few today. Not gang busters, but if you put a little effort in, you’ll find squid. Here’s where we were:

Resource Links

Video Report for Waquoit: Friday, May 6
NOAA Weather for this region

Places to Check Out

Woods Hole: There were so many birds and bait, I couldn’t believe we didn’t find any fish. It will happen any minute! Usually Woods Hole gets bigger stripers early. See Spot Profile

Buzzards Bay: A known early season striper zone. Cruise long the shore line to look for schools of fish. Be sure to check out the spill outs from estuaries like Sippewissett marsh on an outgoing tide. See Buzzards Bay Reports

West End of the Canal: I feel strongly that this would be a good play. Water is a little more shallow here and warmer. Small baits fished in all the coves and shorelines would be a good bet. See Spot Profile

Collier’s Ledge: That’s where the squid bite is the hottest. The fleet will be there!

Elizabeth Islands: The totaug bite has been good in woods hole and along the Islands. Look for structure in 35’ of water. See Elizabeth Islands Reports

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