Capt. Mike’s Weekend Fishing Forecast – June 19, 2015

I very rarely get a chance to fish on weekends, but if I were to go, these are the plays I would look at. My recommendations listed here are based on my experiences this week, feedback from friends and my past experiences for this time of year in years past.

Capt. Mike

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Upper Cape

There are still some sea bass and large porgies around and fluke fishing is picking back up on the deeper side of Lucas Shoal.

Striper fishing on the south side has been challenging in the sounds but the Islands have been holding some fish. Anglers trolling the holes have been doing very decent early in the morning or in the evening. A few friends had a couple of excellent sessions this week along the islands. If I was focusing on trolling for stripers in Vineyard Sound, my play would be to troll jigs or with tubes with the tide. If you are on scene and lines in for sunrise, I can almost promise you would land a couple decent fish. Troll with the tide with lead core, staying just above bottom. Fish hold in these areas through out the day this time of year.

Here’s how I recommend fishing Quicks, Robonson’s and Woods Hole:

Jigging Woods Hole (video from last week)
Tubing Woods Hole (Video from last summer)

Topwater schoolies like this one (caught only a few minutes before this reports publication) have been falling for SI Epoxy Jigs all week in the Hole.
As I type this (11:34 on Friday the 19th) I just got a text from my trusty camera man Matt with pictures of some chunky schoolies in Woods Hole on taken on a bone epoxy jig.

If casting is your game, working the Elizabeth Islands will pay off. I like large soft baits and eels in wee hours or after sunset but recommend shifting to top water plugs for daytime fishing.

Lastly, I have a buddy who had an excellent session throwing topwater baits at Horseshoe Shoal for blues. I might film there next week because I want to start making cooking videos for and have a recipe for bluefish that will convert any bluefish haters.

Buzzards Bay and West End of the Canal

I haven’t personally seen or heard any direct reports from the West End of the Canal in a few days, and since this forecast is on 1st or 2nd hand knowledge by me, I’ll say little other than this: With the seasonal increase in boat traffic, I would get on scene before sunrise and focus on the twilight hours for the best action. Troll tubes with the tide and have light tackle ready for breaking fish. It’s prime time of year for this area, so well worth the effort if you are in this area.

Note: I would LOVE some first hand reports for this area. Anyone? If anyone has any information, I’ll trade some Hogy lures for it?

Cape Cod Bay

I had one of my best trips of the year off P-Town on Tuesday where the stripers were keyed in on sand eels. The fish were abundant but very sluggish on slack tide and found they wanted a very slow jigging presentation. They became very active when the tide started moving again. If the Bay was on my agenda and had the range to go to the Race, I would start there and work around toward the Golf Balls. There are some fish on the back side and you should be able to spread out and find fish without the crowds. I have been seeing reports of guys getting plenty of fish on live macks, but I did more than fine☺ with a lights out session with sand eel soft-bait tipped jigs and sand eel soft-baits rigged for topwater.

Note: Friends of mine did well this week at Billingsgate and Barnstable Harbor, but I haven’t connected yet and I don’t have details.

Anyone have better reports than just “doing well” for this area?

If anyone has any information, I’ll trade some Hogy lures for it.

South of the Vineyard Tuna

FINALLY!!! Consistent tuna fishing is here. I did very well yesterday on the S. Side. I started at The Claw and eventually found them about 10 miles south and caught fish all the way to the NW Corner. The fish were feeding on sand eels and natural color spreader bars and harness jigs on my flat lines were what produced for me but it seemed like everybody was catching fish. They were perfect sized, in my opinion… 40-50lb great on light tackle. The fish wanted 7 knotes with lines a little further back, for us. But I also heard a boat say all his fish were close in. Who knows.

If I was heading out Saturday (Sunday looks like a bust weather-wise), I would start at the NW Corner of the Dump. If you have harness jigs, be sure to put them on your flat lines.

Check out the report from Thursday here.




East of Chatham

I’ve heard rumblings but nothing confirmed.

Tight lines everyone. Wish I could be out this weekend.


P.S. Take a kid fishing next chance you get!

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