Capt. Mike’s Weekend Fishing Forecast – July 24, 2015

I cancelled my one offshore trip today to catch up on office details and not get behind; so I am really counting on Salty Cape Fans to kill it this weekend and tell me all about it.

My personal plan is to catch bluegills with my 2yo and 5yo, so I feel like the luckiest guy in the world. Even still, I want to know how you all did this weekend, so bad…

If anyone tries any of my plays from this week, we’ll trade a 2oz Epoxy Jig with an inline bucktail that I HIGHLY Recommend for trolling for bonito and stripers on lead-core. We’ll be filming that technique next week and adding pre-rigged product in the store by Wed. You could be the first to catch bonito at the Hooter with it!

Thank you all!
Capt. Mike Hogan

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1) Elizabeth Islands Play

There are still plenty of small fish for the morning bit. Anything small will give you a bent rod. Me personally? 5/8th oz Epoxy Jig with 20lb braid on ultra light gear for schoolies in Woods Hole, then I would find a place to loose the boat and get wicked awesome baked goods at Pie in the Sky. Seriously, the place is ridiculously good and they are open and stupid early hours in the morning. Get the Pin Wheel with a Dark roast coffee, you’ll be reconstituted to go and charge for fluke at Lucas Shoal. If you want to catch a COW SIZED striper, go for the night bite. It has cooled off a bit, but is still very good. It was ON FIRE. The bay side is fishing better than the sound side, but I always say, go for the side when the wind is blowing you towards shore. Live eels are hard to beat, casting toward the rocks and reeling in slowly. My favorite technique (keep in mind my place of employment) is ripping a Bone 14” Hogy Original super fast through the water with a 12/0 unweighted swimbait hook at albie speed. It’s an awesome technique. Fish it wish confidence. Bass will crush it and blow your mind with somersaults in the air. I promise.

In my experience, tube and worms can still get it done in the warmer weather days of summer.
In my experience, tube and worms can still get it done in the warmer weather days of summer.

How I would look at Morning Tides and Times: Saturday (add 40 Minutes for Sunday)

530AM: Arrive Woods Hole: Midway through the falling tide. Troll tubes with the tide until 6:30
6:30AM: Chase Topwater fish for an hour +, then get baked goods and coffee at Pie and the Sky at 8:00. (Pin wheels and dark roast black coffee my choice)
10:00AM: Arive at Lucas Shoal fish first two hours of incoming tide
(Tide Source: Navionics App for iPhone)


430pm: Arrive Woods Hole: Slack High Tide at 5 **Perfect time to start tube and worming
6:30: Start working the Elizabeth’s following the 20’ contour line with tube and worm
7:30PM: Start Casting large baits or eels along ridge lines and structure along the Islands.
(Tide Source: Navionics App for iPhone)

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2) The Double Down – or the Hooter

Bonito. I have been experimenting with trolling the 2oz Epoxy Jig with 3/0 inline VMC Bucktail Teaser. (It wobbles perfectly on its own keel on lead core) I am borderline obsessed with it. (Again, keep in mind the hat I wear) It doesn’t spin, just wobbles. It’s the perfect size and profile. The only trouble, every time I go to the Hooter, thinking I hit the tide right, I’m the only boat with very few signs of life. Folks have caught bones at the hooter so I keep going, but it seems relatively dead to me with the exceptions of some Gorilla bluefish and big sea bass rising to eat the Epoxy Jigs on the troll. We were marking bait, lots of it. So I think it’s ready to blow up at any minute. Can some one please go and give some realtime feedback via email to I’ll set you up with my new rigs if you do. Even though I haven’t hit the jack pot yet, I still feel in my heart the Hooter is worth a play. Also, maybe run 15 miles south if you have the time to look for white marlin.

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How I would look at Morning Tides and Times: Saturday (add 40 Minutes for Sunday)

615 AM: Arrive Hooter for the falling tide to: Midway through the falling tide to get rolling. Toll tubes with the tide until 6:30 if you get there early.
7:30: Switch to bonito friendly lures and work both sides of the edge at 7kts trolling speed.


I have heard zero about the West End. I’d stick to my usual play here, tubes at sunrise, small stuff for top water schoolies.

How I would look at Morning Tides and Times: Saturday (add 40 Minutes for Sunday)

5:00AM: Arrive West End: Arrive for the majortity of the falling tide. Troll for stripers
6:30AM: Chase Topwater fish for an hour
7:30AM: Fluke Fish for a couple of hours.
(Tide Source: Navionics App for iPhone)

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I know most people fish during the day but I have to say, the night bite has been better. Anglers looking to drop eels and jig head soft baits on live targets have been doing well off P-Town, but that bite has dwindled down. My play? I would troll from Scorton Ledge to the Parking Lot with big 24” tubes on lead core. Sunrise and sunset obviously the best times of day, but you go when you can. That’s the thing I love about trolling tubes. They catch fish 24hrs a day.

How I would look at Morning Tides and Times: Saturday (add 40 Minutes for Sunday)

6:00AM: Arrive at Scorton’s Ledge at slack tide. (All the huge fish are caught at slack.) Troll with the tide, then shift gears and zig zag.
(Tide Source: Navionics App from iPhone)

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South of the Vineyard

I have intel from today coming back to me shortly, I’ll post that when it does. My play today (before canceling) was to go to the break about 10 miles south of the Banana Bouy. Obviously I didn’t go, but got a sat phone call from my buddy Capt. Chris who said there were tuna marks, and a lot of life but no fish in the first 30 minutes of trolling. He didn’t check back in, so I have no Idea how that would have played out. I know Oceanographer Canyon is the place to be with an epic bite, and that the local canyons with the exception of West Atlantis have played out. There are a zillion Makos between Gordon’s, Inside Fingers and NW corner of the Dump A few mahis around the High Flyers in 70 degree + water.

My play? If I was going down town, Oceanographers would be a no-brainer. Plan B would be West Atlantis. Inside? I would start at Gordon’s Or The Claw, depending on where I hailed from. Troll the morning bite. Then scout toward NW corner while listening to radio chatter. If slow, Plan C would be to set up a quick shark drift for makos.

(JUST IN: 3:28PM) Captain Chris Burden ran all over the world. Found mahis all over W. Atlantis. Retraced his steps and saw a stick boat about 8 miles SE of Gordon’s Gully and stopped. He watched the boat making a lot of sharp turns, so he put lines in, and quickly boated a 50-pound bluefin on a Blue Max. As I talked to him via his sat phone, he was watching tuna busting all over the place, so he let me go.

REVISED PLAN: I would sleep in, go to beach, go out to lunch and leave at 12:00 and troll the break between the Gully and the Star. At 3:30, if I wasn’t catching anything, I would start running looking for breaking fish.

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East of Chatham

There have been rumors of top water fish by the BC Bouy. I heard of fish caught at Crab Ledge, including a Salty Cape poster on our Facebook page yesterday. EVERYONE says there is life up to the wazoo and a bunch a lazy tuna milling around. My Play? Would start a troll at Crab Ledge, then make the call for Plan B to BC Bouy, work north, if slow, Plan C would be to drop diamond jigs for Cod by the Figs.

Eric Nylin with a 65-inch fish caught at Crab Ledge this week.
Eric Nylin with a 65-inch fish caught at Crab Ledge this week.

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P.S. Take a kid fishing next chance you get!

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