Capt. Mike’s Offshore Report – August 14, 2015


So my wife thinks I’m crazy, leaving at 10PM to go fish the Canyons and shoot to be home in time for dinner with the kiddos on Friday night (ice cream and music in Falmouth town center with the kids is our “Friday night thing” and didn’t want to miss it). I guess you go when you can. The weather was perfect. West Atlantis it was.

We arrived on scene at 3AM. I immediately went to sleep while Christian got the baits set. I was asleep by the time my head hit the pillow. No swordfish.

We got the morning troll on at around 5AM. Shortly into it, we loaded up with skipjack. When the sun got higher, we noticed more life, increasing with every half hour and getting 2 yellowfin tuna for every 10 skipjack.


Soon we noticed small 10 to 20-pound yellows were milling around in slow motion. I popped
an epoxy jig into the area and hooked up immediately. After getting a few we started to notice how many were there, mixed in were hundreds of skipjacks and 10-pound mahi, there were about 8 boats working tightly in this are. Most boats switched to spinning gear. Not only were the fish on the small side, but the yellows were picky and the skip jacks were not! We were off the edge near West Atlantis Canyon.

It would have been a flyfisherman’s dream! Christian and I each caught a zillion on light gear before switching to heavier gear to target larger tuna. The jigging yielded similar results, maybe one fish broke the 20lb mark. Barely.


We left at around 11:30AM with the intent to make a few stops. The MANY bouys south of the Dump and also south of the lanes held many mahi. Saw virtually nothing until we cruised through the Claw. At the Claw, we found 68 degree water, birds lurking around, whales and bait on the sounder. We were way tired, but still stricken with tuna fever nonetheless, so we put a modest spread of two 40″ Flexi-bars and four 6oz harness jigs. 20 minutes and one lucky Cisco Whales Tale later (hands down the luckiest tuna beer by the way), the 6oz glow head with olive tail on the short rigger placed in front of a shrimp bar went off with about a 40-plus pound bluefin tuna. This was at 3PM, and only a couple of other boats were still there.

At 3:51, as I type this going through Southwest Shoals I’m seeing pods of bait crashing and lots of fast moving birds. Wish I had time to time investigate for funny fish — maybe another day soon. If I was going out tomorrow I would certainly look at the Claw. I don’t know how the inside places fished yet. Hopefully we’ll hear soon!

Great day with an old buddy. Saw some amazing life, caught some good fish and got decent video. Great way to play hooky.

That’s my report. Hope it helps.

Capt Mike Hogy

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